Founded in 1971, the company Irmãos Silvas S.A. "METALOGALVA", is the oldest company of the Vigent group. This industrial company has five industrial units occupying a total area of 60.440m², and a total gross area of 199.000m², having more than 700 employees.

Metalogalva is specialized in the design and manufacture of metal structures , having the capacity and skils to perform prototype tests, assembling level and/or structural strength. Our products have application in several fields of activity, including energy, telecommunications, roads and railways, renewable energies and is usually subjected to a corrosion protection of hot dip galvanizing, with the possibility of painting complement system (duplex). As a complement to its product offerings, the company provides a range of services to their customers, plate cutting, bending, welding and hot dip galvanizing.

Customizing in its employees a culture of specialization, accuracy and full dedication, Metalogalva demonstrates the organization's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, following a Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

The development and innovation of its products are a valuable asset to the customer, translated into confidence and recognition of several projects and facilities alocated worldwide.

The reputation of Metalogalva exceeds its size, the result of sustained and continues improvement and dynamic of a custom carrier in its human resources, determining factor in a time of globalization, generating new challenges.

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